#4 Knowing You

For the fourth assignment, we are doing an evaluation of our skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Personality Strength Profile

The first part of this was doing a Personality Strength Profile. This determined four letters, which were E N F J  – described as idealistic, organised and personable. Upon reading the strengths and weaknesses, I think this description fits me perfectly. I could blame some of these traits on being a Gemini, however, in summary, my strengths are:

  • energetic and organised
  • creative
  • leader

And my weaknesses:

  • sensitive
  • impetuous

It also said, my weakness is wanting to avoid conflict. Being quite hot-headed, I have to disagree with that one.

My preferred work environment:

  • social and communicative
  • orderly but creative

Although I do like to spend some time alone, I do indeed like a social but productive place to work.


Belbin Team Roles Analysis

The second part of the brief was to do a Belbin Team Roles Analysis. I wasn’t expecting on doing maths this evening, as I had to split numbers amongst different options to make them sum up to 10, but I got to an answer in the end. With the results, I was supposed to have one primary and one secondary preferred team role, but my secondary answers were tied, so I have two.

Primary – Completer Finisher

+ conscientious, thorough                    worry a lot

Secondary(s) – Coordinator & Resource Investigator

confident, leader              – can be seen manipulative

enthusiastic, communicative           – over-optimistic


Personally, I would have the coordinator as primary and completer finisher as secondary. I’m not much of a  resource investigator, though…




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