#3 Effective branding strategy

JS113970122.jpgStirling: Alive with Scotland

The campaign, which launched in March 2017 by the Stirling Council, has been created to attract more visitors and investors to the area and to promote tourism and tourist attractions. It is closely linked to other promotional projects – Destination Stirling and Invest in Stirling. The aim of the project is to support economic growth, create jobs and to support and invest in local businesses. It is a response to how the city has changed in the past years, becoming a known name in sports (homing multiple Olympic swimmers) as well as in technology and media (companies like CodeBase and Dogfi.sh have settled here).stirling_launch1

The key element to this brand is that the creators know their target audience and know what they want to gain from the campaign. The purpose is to attract investors and visitors, and that is exactly who the campaign is targeted towards. At the start of designing the campaign a lot of feedback from the key stakeholders and residents was taken into consideration. When accessing the website, you are immediately placed with a choice, whether you’re a visitor or an investor and based on that decision there is a whole new website dedicated to the interest.

The timing of the release also played a part in the success; the Council released the project in March – at the start of the tourism season, right when people are planning their holidays and weekend getaways. A large part of the project are plans to revitalise and/or build places around the town – this, again, attracts incoming visitors. One of the plans involves using the empty spaces of a large municipal building to create a digital hub for companies like CodeBase, who have already launched their business there in Spring.

_95053263_dsc_7204Design in this campaign is used, first of all, in the new logo. It was inspired and included key features of the city in it, such as the Battle of Bannockburn, the Stirling Castle and the river Forth. Building on the logo, whilst working with the Maguires, the website, banners, promo videos and other promotional were designed. A large part of the promotion of the campaign was played by how the launch happened. After sunset, the Council projected the promotional video, which included Stirling’s sights, sports facilities and businesses, on the side of the Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument and on the new Digital Hub. Although the launch was very visible throughout the city, it was subtle but engaging and original and definitely sparked an interest in not only potential visitors, but residents as well, as it brought attention to future projects.










Daniel Wellington watches9d65ae32b6a6b945ad03b431891a6e0d--daniel-wellington-watches-daniel-wellington-classic

This brand founded by the Swedish entrepreneur Filip Tysander in 2011 has skyrocketed since that year. The brand focuses on minimalist, unisex, timeless watches, that are quality made at a reasonable price. Originally, Tysander took inspiration from an Englishman he met in Australia called Daniel Wellington, who was wearing a Rolex watch with a classic Nato watch strap. He then invested his savings into creating the brand, designed the logo himself in Adobe Photoshop and sent designs to a factory in China.

The way the DW brand became popular is through social media influencers. Their strategy is to send out the watch for free to popular Instagramers and bloggers, have them take a picture with the watch on and attract the attention of their loyal followers by giving them a discount code. DW actively use social media to engage, especially/mainly Instagram. It is their marketing tool of choice. Their Instagram page is ‘well-maintained and professional looking’, which appeals to the followers. The pictures posted all feature their watches and because their products are minimalist, it fits the theme; not only their’s but the influencers’ as well. In general, it is their main platform to engage with their audience. The staff reply to the comments and reviews, which gains them points in approachability.

Bez názvuAnother marketing tool that they use is the ‘#DWpickoftheday’ daily competition, where one picture with this tag gets selected and featured on their DW Instagram page. This page has over 3 million followers, giving the featured picture’s user a massive exposure to followers. Using this ‘word-of-mouth’ tactic, it was a cutting-edge marketing tool back in 2011, 2012. Nowadays, using social media as a marketing strategy is common, but back then, DW was one of the first to use influencers and Instagram to their advantage.



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In conclusion, to make a brand successful, having a personality for it is important, more so nowadays, when using social media as a marketing tool is so important and effective to engage with your customers and audience. Branding isn’t just a logo, it’s the appearance of the company, the campaign strategy, the business plan and so on.







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