#2 First Things First Manifesto

The First Things First manifesto was a document first published in 1964 and a revised version in 1999. The manifesto was a rally against using art and design to encourage consumerism with its use in advertising and marketing for mainstream products and companies instead of using the designers’ skills, knowledge and abilities for valuable and important use, such as social and environmental issues.

manifesto                           firstthingsfirst-2000

The designers, which have signed the manifesto, propose a shift in the priorities of the use of visual communication and design, to challenge consumerist use and to use it for ‘the greater good’. They also want to change how their work and work of other creators is being perceived by the public; that they are not only working for commercial use.

Vince Frost

Vince Frost, is one of the 22 visual communicators that signed the Manifesto. Researching his work, he has always worked with (or founded) purposeful brands, he believes in designing to enrich people’s lives.

In 1994 he founded his own design company Frost*Design, which, to this day, designs for a better world; this one single focus lets them design for people. Since then, he has worked on numerous projects, including branding for the London Design Festival and the Sydney Opera House.

The-London-Design-Festival1                         FrostDesign_SDC_Poster4-copy


After researching a couple of the Manifesto creators, it has become more apparent to me, that you can indeed design without having to design for commercial use. Especially Vince Frost, he definitely inspired me a lot and I am going to look through more of his work.










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