PDF Branding journey

Being given a brief from the fourth years, we were to design a logo and potential branding for their degree show in May 2018 – Perth Design Festival (PDF).

My stance of designing a logo was mostly just merging the three letters together and because my sketches were drawn in shades of grey pens, I kept to that colour theme.


PDF sketch-page-001.jpg
Initial sketches

From my sketchbook, I progressed onto Adobe Illustrator and after spending an impressive amount of time looking for a font that I would like – I settled for Avenir -, I finally got to playing around with the three letters – p, d and f (all in lower-case).




Asset 4@4x.png
pdf logo and title

I didn’t want the three letters to just sort of be floating in mid-air, I wanted to add some form of a frame, so I played around with the hexagon shape tool, which I curved the edges of. I then went on to explore all the possible stroke variations, until I found one that looked quite scruffy, which I liked; and after that, I layered the hexagons one on top of each other (not directly, I turned them around as well, so that the edges would show).



My inspirations for this style were quite obvious, I mostly gained inspiration from minimalist, monochrome logos and fonts.


Artboard 2@4x.png
Inspiration board


After presenting our pitches to our ‘customers’ (4th Years), they then gave us loads of positive feedback the other day.


The two logos that were picked to be merged together







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